The reason why I’m starting a blog is…

I am by nature a rather private person and I don’t like publishing things about myself.  I don’t do Facebook or Instagram or Twitter.

But I do have some hobbies that I like talking about with fellow enthusiasts.  So far, the online forum Penhood in Korea has served me very well, and I have to date around 2,700 posts on that site on subjects such as fountain pens, ink, paper, calligraphy, miscellaneous stationery items, and snapshots from life.  I have briefly served as one of the administrators there in the past, and I feel comfortable posting where I know most of the people and many people know me.

Unfortunately, Penhood (like most of the internet forums that exist in Korea) is a private forum where you have to register separately on the host service and apply to get in.  You cannot read posts if you are not registered as a member.  I appreciate this privacy but in recent months I have felt the need to communicate with people outside of the Penhood community, particularly on the subject of pencils.

So this blog is my effort to reach out to those fellow pencil enthusiasts from whose blogs I have benefited much in the past, to say thank you, ask questions and chat in general about graphite and clay and wax and wood.  If I could, as an Asian, introduce some new aspects of stationery appreciation to bloggers out there, I would be very happy :)

Welcome to this blog!



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