My First Mechanical Pencil

The title is not true. I probably had other mechanical pencils before, but they are all lost. I’m not as attached to plastic: it’s cheap, trendy and shiny at first but it gets thrown out when it loses its lustre, the cute prints rubbed off and the body cracked. But I tend to hang on to writing instruments made of more durable material.

Also, the title is not exactly true, in the sense that the below is a replacement. I got the original as a primary school graduation gift circa 1984, but then I lost it some years later. I grieved over its loss and never got over it. So when I joined Penhood, I posted a drawing of it done from memory (it has a very particular pattern on its grip) and asked if anyone might know the name of the model. One member contacted the Pilot archives for me and I had my answer within twenty-four hours. (Isn’t groupthink wonderful? Also Pilot customer service is amazing. I love you Pilot 💕)



And what’s more, thanks to the connection between Penhood and its Japanese counterpart, Wagner (The group is named for the founder of Pelikan, Günther Wagner), and in particular, one longtime Wagner member who retired from Pilot, I was reunited with my unforgettable Trusty mechanical pencil soon afterwards. It was produced until 1990 in two versions, stainless steel and plastic, and the former cost 1,000 yen even back then. It was a pretty good pencil for a twelve-year-old. I’m not losing it again :)


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