What, oh, what can you do… with an 8H pencil?

Run a mile, I guess, unless it happens to be a navy blue Mars Lumograph 2886.


These were coupled with HB grade Lumos, and I got both for the price of one so I thought I scored a good deal… except that I’m now stuck with a dozen of these superhard leads. What do you do with them? I asked a friend of mine who is a designer and had at one time been a full-time, gallery-sponsored artist, whose tool of choice had been 9H pencils – and she says that a sharpish 8H can be a lady’s weapon of choice on dark and dangerous streets. Better than pepper spray? In any case, I can only think of one other use – and that is to display them on shelves and walls as objets d’art. Should I take up Lithography or Topography, as Staedtler suggests?



5 thoughts on “What, oh, what can you do… with an 8H pencil?

    1. Lithography sometimes requires a sketch on stone; for this a very hard pencil is used. Of course outlining maps requires a very fine point too but I don’t think that an 8H pencil leaves a decent mark on the writing material used for topography, unless it’s stone ;-)


      1. Or maybe they use film a lot? I was just reading Pencil Talk on Duralar (soon to be gone, boo hoo) and Stephen says very hard pencils work well on film…


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