Uni Nano Dia Mechanical Pencil Lead for Textbooks

Mitsubishi seems to have identified another niche market and put its Nano Dia technology to good use. The new Uni Nano Dia lead is said to be designed to release the graphite better with less friction, and is impregnated with a special oil to make the graphite particles adhere better to the more heavily coated (and therefore slippery) paper that is used for textbooks. It therefore writes darker with less effort. Very interesting!

7 thoughts on “Uni Nano Dia Mechanical Pencil Lead for Textbooks

  1. I recently used wrote on a greetings card. The paper felt like the paper from a text book and I thought the line would be very faint, but writing on it with a pencil produced a much darker line than you got on normal paper. After that I assumed writing in a text book would be similar (I normally don’t write in text books), so I was surprised to read your blog post.
    Similar to Gunther’s question: I wonder whether this oil will make the lines smudge more easily, e.g. when moving over with your hand.


    1. I haven’t had the chance to use this lead (and heaven knows when it will get to Canada!), and I am not too familiar with the paper they use for textbooks now. But it does seem problematic for writing on, and not just with pencils but with fountain pens as well. Perhaps someone will do a smudge test soon…?


  2. I have used the uni dia leads for mechanical pencils. They are superb and very similar to the pilot eno neox or the pilot neox graphite.


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