Sandpaper for Sharpening Lead

Granted, any old piece of sandpaper will do, but it’s reassuring to have a dependable name on it… I need a lot of practice though.



6 thoughts on “Sandpaper for Sharpening Lead

    1. I got it at DeSerres, a big art supply chain store here in Montreal. I had never seen sandpaper branded like this – they’re mostly sold separately in sheets, aren’t they? It was really interesting.


    1. But that’s part of the fun, visiting stationery stores in unfamiliar places! The Norica was a pleasant surprise and I can’t even begin to imagine what other goodies might be in store in Staedtler’s home country :)


  1. You’re so right about visiting stationery shops in unfamiliar places, but then on the other hand sometimes I see some really cool stuff Staedtler is selling in Japan and I think what a shame they don’t sell it over here…
    I actually think Staedtler’s offering in their home country is not as exciting as what they offer in Japan. I really liked their flag ship store in Nuremberg, but I wish they would have sold Staedtler products form around the world there…


    1. The Staedtler Japan thing is really interesting – they are a subsidiary, but they have a lot of latitude in designing products for their own market, right? My impression is that some of the Japanese-made Staedtlers find their way into the Korean market; two of the three Staedtler mechanical pencils I have are marked “Japan”. It just testifies to the power of the Japanese market I think – the population, purchasing power, and general interest.


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