Christmas approaches…

As with most global chains (and pencil companies!), interesting variations in marketing strategies seem to exist across the countries that Starbucks operates in. In Korea this holiday season, they are apparently selling Starbucks Planners for 2015, produced in partnership with Moleskine. Here, in Canada, they sell adorable Christmas tree ornaments in the shape of the iconic paper and plastic cups.


Come to think of it, it is exactly twenty years since I had my first frappuccino. And learned words like latte and venti. I don’t really go there anymore because, well, I guess I’ve moved on, but I have fond memories of the heady excitement back then :)


4 thoughts on “Christmas approaches…

    1. That pencil stand is indeed tempting :) Starbucks has had diaries every year for some time now (they are available either for sale or for free if you have enough stamps on your customer loyalty program card), as do many coffee chains operating in Korea. Maybe we are a diary-loving people…?! But the Moleskine version is the nicest so far, the planners of previous years were often made of coarse craft paper and spiral-bound. Starbucks seems to have made a good decision in placing the order with Moleskine this year.


      1. I actually like spiral-bound notebooks (feels good to know you can just tear out a page and start again), but the paper quality in the past Starbucks planners was not too good, too “recycled”, and they didn’t take fountain pen ink very well :( I was a faithful user of (usually limited- or special-edition) Moleskine planners up until last year, when I finally got fed up with the paper quality (ink bleeds through and feathers). I’m set to try the Hobonichi planner for 2015 and I hope I can stay with it for some time! :)


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