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Has anyone in this part of the blogosphere heard about Adel pencils yet? From Turkey? Yes they do manufacture pencils in Turkey (the company was founded in partnership with Faber-Castell), and what is even more interesting is that they have been turning up in Korea (of all places) since several years ago. The first time I got to know them was when a Penhood member gave me a few samples at the pen show in 2012. They are fun, if anything, and I suspect they may appeal to the segment of the market that still pines after Yikes! pencils, as well as schoolchildren.


I had more in fun colors (silver! zebra stripes!) before my son pounced on them and then gave most of them away at his kindergarten, after he came to be known as The Kid With the Cool Pencils. They produce a LOT of models (certainly way more than the official homepage suggests), but I am not aware of any premium-quality pencils in their line; they have a relatively somber model called the Prestige, which is still priced at the usual Office Depot school-supply rate. The ones I have write more or less predictably for pencils in their price range, dark and a bit coarse, but slightly softer than the standard Papermates.

Adel pencils are not really comparable (at least not yet) in quality to other premium pencils like the Uni, Lumograph or Castell 9000, but I am inclined to look kindly upon them if only because of the fact that they are not made in China. Also, when I look at the pencils on sale in drugstores and at Staples at rock-bottom prices, I think: well, if pencils need to be kept that cheap, why not make them fun, at least? And in this aspect Adel delivers. I’m hoping that their efforts at exporting are successful and that they will start thinking about making some good pencils for grownups soon.


10 thoughts on “ADEL Pencils

  1. I’ve never seen them in the UK. I wonder whether they have an agreement with FC to minimise competition with each other.
    Something else… Is that your shopping list on the back of that envelope? Wow! Please tell us more (nib used, etc)!


    1. It is a shopping list but unfortunately not mine! ;) It’s the cover page of a Canadian arts & crafts magazine called Uppercase. I have studied Copperplate though and can tell you that it is written with an oblique holder + Nikko G nib (or a Gillott 303 or Hunt… I forget the number).

      Nobody carries Adel pencils here either and I was wondering just what sort of circumstance brought them to Korea. It can’t be a competition issue because they are not really in the same category as FC pencils, and we have a LOT of Faber-Castells in Korea anyway.


  2. I happen to have a couple of ADEL pencils that I got at a non-conventional store in Sines, Portugal.

    I immediately fell in love with them as they are painted green and elegant as the Faber Castell 9000 – and best of all they are from Turkey, a very beautiful country.

    They are on my review list and perhaps I will anticipate them for next sunday.
    They are not bad pencils.


    1. Hi P, I am glad to get feedback from someone who has actually used Adel pencils! I agree, they are not bad, and on top of it they are colorful and fun too. But I do think they could improve. They already win points by producing pencils in their own country, and they seem to be expanding their operations. So far the signs are very promising :)

      Your blog looks interesting and I love your cat :) I will be looking out for your Adel review.


      1. Sola,
        Cat says miau :) (named Alien, by the way).

        To be honest, I am really happy that for the first time, I read a review about a pencil that not too many people seem to have come across, but I have. Usually it is the other way around, as most pencils are not easily available in Portugal, and therefore they get much more expensive to get due to shipping costs and customs clearance tax.

        My Adel are not colourful. But by sunday you will be able to have a look at them.

        Have you tried Portuguese pencils? Viarco is our only industry for such a wonderful writing tool and they do a good job on HB graded pencils. I will be reviewing these also.

        Bem haja!


      2. I haven’t had the chance to try any myself, but I am happy to tell you that Viarco seems to be building up a market presence in Korea (again, of all places)! People know it enough to pronounce it “Viar-koo”. We didn’t have that much choice either in the past, so there is always considerable interest whenever a new pencil becomes available. Bruynzeel and Lyra are two other brands that have also been introduced recently, and of course California Cedar pencils too.

        And please tell Alien I said miau too :)


    1. Fingers crossed Rick.
      I have not found any after I encountered these two. I will ask a friend of mine in Sines to have a look around at the shop in the hope he finds a few others.


      1. Wow,
        Never thought Viarco would have travelled so far by now. Really happy to hear.
        When you do get a chance, have a go at one of their pencils.
        Ordinary HB but quite nice.
        Cheers from Lisbon :)


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