My Pencil Case (1)


The Japanese blog I mentioned before is conducting a survey of its readers, and I find that lots of other people besides me love the series showing his friends’ pencil cases. Because, in fact, you don’t get to see other people’s pencases that often. So I am posting one of mine today, allotted to German and Swiss pencils.

Once upon a time my whole pencil collection fit in a single shoebox. Now it’s getting difficult for me to find specific pencils. So now I divide my current use/test pencils into three or four cases – German/Swiss, Japanese, and American. The case is Lamy, one that my Joy calligraphy pen came packaged in. It’s long and deep enough to store most pencils.

Looking at the assortment of pencils, I am reminded by something James Wood wrote in the New Yorker regarding personal libraries:

“[…] in any private library the totality of books is meaningful, while each individual volume is relatively meaningless. Or, rather, once separated from its family, each individual book becomes relatively meaningless in relation to the original collector, but suddenly newly meaningful as the totality of the author’s mind.”


4 thoughts on “My Pencil Case (1)

  1. Hi Sola, thank you for linking this. This glimpse inside others’ pencil cases is oddly fascinating. When it comes to stationery, the Japanese have it made! I’m pretty sure these students apply themselves–I’ve never seen so many worn out erasers!


    1. I know :) And did you notice that 1. mechanical pencils and gel pens are heavily in favor, 2. most also carry at least one or two pencils for test sheet marking, and 3. the girls come to school armed with gel pens in all colors of the rainbow? Incidentally, stationery blogs are a lot more popular in Asia too – the more famous ones rack up thousands of views a day.


  2. 그제는 홍콩 코즈웨이베이에 있는 문구매장인 로그온에 들렀는데, Scription 블로그 운영자가 매장 담당으로 계신 곳이죠. 매장 자체로 블로그에서 즐겨 봤던 Patrick Ng씨의 필통(미도리 트래블러스, 카베코, 로트링, 검디검은 캡리스)의 확장이란 인상이었답니다. 고수의 바둑판을 보는 것 같았어요!


    1. 이분은 영화의 소품담당 같은 거 하셔도 되겠어요^^ 블로그계에도 광고 아닌 듯 광고인 듯한 글이 넘쳐나던데 오히려 이런 업계 분이 운영하는 블로그가 더 개성있고 솔직담백한 것 같아 좋네요.


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