Tomoe River Stationery Products

In a previous post on Tomoe River paper, I speculated on the possibility of the manufacturer teaming up with a stationery firm. Well, they do seem to have an official partner now: Sakae Technical Paper. Together they have come up with a proper Tomoe River logo and launched the first Tomoe River paper products in Japan late last year: blank A4 sheets in white or cream, loose or in pad form. The format is not really new, especially for consumers in the US, but the stress is on the word official. They say they will be rolling out new products in different formats soon, so keep an eye out for them!


4 thoughts on “Tomoe River Stationery Products

    1. Let’s see what they come up with – I would personally welcome grid-squared graph paper, bound in A5 format :) The blurb says the A4 sheets are the first non-Techo-size Tomoe River paper product made available in Japan.


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