It’s the season for Lumochroms…




Inspired in turn by the Mars Lumochroms at Lexikaliker, here’s my (unintentionally Italian-style) offering.  The amazing thing about these pencils is that they didn’t come from eBay or Etsy or anywhere like that – I found them in a store, the same one where I got my Chung Hwa pencils.  They were there the whole time.  The yellow one says “DRP. Germany” while the others have just “Germany” written on them; I wonder if one is older than the other?

Trying them out (I sharpened the red; the green and yellow remain factory-sharpened), I do see that they are harder and more solid than other colored pencils.  They write very sharply and keep their edge very well.



6 thoughts on “It’s the season for Lumochroms…

  1. They are really beautiful – thank you for showing! The old lettering is amazing, and the bilingual colour name is very appealing. – “D.R.P. ” means “Deutsches Reichspatent”, issued by the German Patent Office which closed in 1945, so this Lumochrom must be the oldest.


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