Vintage Caran d’Ache Technograph 777 Tin Set



Here is an older sibling of the current Technograph 777 Artist Tin Set. Judging by the the drip-paint CdA logo on the lid and the squarish print on the pencils, I am guessing it was produced between 1977 and 1998. (Here is a brief official account of the changes to the logo; and here is an article that discusses the typography of the newest one, that I got to know courtesy of La Plume.) It’s interesting how Caran d’Ache completely reversed the order of the words later on, and Anglicized them too; I am personally very fond of the “+SUISSE+” mark on the older pencils.


It seems that Caran d’Ache produced more grades of the Technograph in the past, from 9H to 6B, and so the tins came in two different versions too. The “Technical Drawing” set has grades from 9H to B; the “Artistic Drawing” set is from 4H to 6B. Only the latter survives.


P.S.: A comparison of the back side of the vintage (yellow) and modern tins.



4 thoughts on “Vintage Caran d’Ache Technograph 777 Tin Set

  1. Beautiful! How does the lacquer compare to the one of the current Technograph? I see some minor flaws here and there but the overall quality of the older seems to be considerably better.


    1. The lacquer seems to be comparable to the ones in the Artist Tin Set (which is much better than the current Technograph). There is some degradation to the painted ends (glue? moisture? heat?). The printing is slightly shallower in the vintage models. The lettering is really cute :)


    1. Matthias, the back of the tin is interesting too, I’ve added a photo :)

      With the most recent Technographs I tend to prefer slightly darker grades (2B or B) as I feel the HB is a bit light and hard for me, but with the older ones I really don’t have a preference, I just try to enjoy the particularities of each. Right now I’m trying to figure out if there’s anything to love about the 8H and 9H ;)


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