These two pencils happened to cross paths on my desk recently, and I was struck by the combination of the two unusual colors.  The overall “look” and finish of the two pencils are somehow similar too – I’d love them to be contemporaries but the Schwan Stabilo is probably a bit younger.

Granted, this kind of color-play can go on forever, but there was something about the turquoise and ruby that was absolutely lovely.  One of the simple, everyday pleasures that pencils can afford us.


4 thoughts on “Jewel-Toned

  1. Wow! The colour combination is indeed beautiful. I also admire the design – it looks like back then the companies have put much more effort in typography and lettering of their pencils, and although quite a few styles have been mixed here it looks great (at least to me). When looking at the eagle and the swan I am amazed how these shapes have been simplified to withstand the comparatively rough printing. – By the way, it looks like you have got pre-1991, i. e. German-made Schwan micros.


    1. Yes, the colors are both quite unusual for pencils I think, and the beautiful gold print complements that. Did you know that the eagle is actually clutching a pencil in its claws? More on that later ;) The Turquoise has many variations and in previous versions the printing can be a bit messy, and in my opinion this version is the most pleasing to look at among those with the Art Deco-style eagle logo. The “micro” lettering on the Schwan Stabilo reminds me of the Hi-Uni :)


  2. 저 새들이 다시 날길 바라는 마음이 저뿐은 아닐 것 같아요ㅋㅋ Turquoise는 다른 연필들보다 굉장히 가볍던데 Eagle 시절의 것도 그런가요?


    1. Berol 매수 이후의 Turquoise는 색상도 많이 밝아지고 몸통도 둥글어지고 지나치게 가벼워져서 싫어하는데요 (인조인간 같은 느낌이 들어요 ㅎ), 옛날 Turquoise들은 그렇게까지 가볍지는 않은 것 같아요. 지우개가 안 달려 있어서 직접 비교하기는 어렵지만 적어도 Dixon Eldorado같은 지우개 없는 동시대 타사 연필보다 가볍다고는 못 느꼈어요.

      개인적으로는 Eagle 연필이 필기감이 좀 더 촉촉해서 Eberhard Faber나 Dixon등보다 선호합니다. 독수리야 다시 날아다오~~^^


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