A rare swan…

…that managed to sneak past the quality control department.  Should I file a claim with Schwan Stabilo, do you think?



At least they didn’t forget to put the bird where it belonged!


10 thoughts on “A rare swan…

    1. They stopped producing these a long time ago, so it was a rhetorical question ;) Anyway the old Micro 8000s really have a unique aura to them. That color!


      1. I meant the “normal” ones Sola – everything I’ve tried up to now (apart from the Deer Indus “Artograph”) has the text upside down if the pencil is held in the left hand to write.


      2. Oh I see what you mean. On older pencils the lettering is usually aligned to the left, like the ones here. Most modern pencils (including later versions of the Micro 8000 too) have the printing aligned to the right. If you happen to be left-handed then I guess vintage pencils are just the thing for you :)

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    1. John,
      I have a few Write Notepads & Co. pencils that have the “left handed” text on them. They claim to be made by Musgrave Pencil Company. They are pretty good pencils, too!

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      1. I’ve looked them up – it’s very interesting to see a modern pencil with this kind of text alignment. Thank you for letting us know of this brand!


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