Braun ET-66 Calculator (Resurrected)


Why does a calculator make me so happy?  Does it even qualify as “stationery”?  I’m not sure, but I did catch the bug on another stationery site, and I haven’t been able to forget it ever since I saw it there.


The original model, ET-66, went out of production long ago but Braun decided to bring it back (along with their travel clock) in 2013.  The calculator is both larger and lighter than I imagined it to be; although the current model (BNE001BK), which is made in China, is said to be a faithful replica, I wonder if the original had the exact same feel.  I’ll never know, but in the meantime I am happy to have an affordable version of it close by me.  Thank you, Braun, for having faith enough to take a seemingly counterintuitive decision in this digital age.


4 thoughts on “Braun ET-66 Calculator (Resurrected)

  1. It’s a great looking calculator and like so many Braun products it is said to have inspired Apple products. I was looking at it when it came out, but here in the UK it’s not very cheap. Funny, because I have new Braun clocks and when I had to send one in for servicing it turned out that the whole clock and watch business is now licensed to a British company.
    In the last two years I did come across two old ‘lit’ calculators, which I like very much. I definitely understand your love for this calculator.


    1. Matthias, thanks for your comment. I do love how it looks – it looks so familiar and yet so new. However I did expect it to feel more solid. I only hope it lasts a long time!


  2. I think the new Braun stuff is not so ‘solid’ at all.
    I have one of their new alarm clocks (as does my wife and my mother actually, but I have the digital one, they have the analogue ones). I had to send the first one in as the alarm button would constantly pop out, making it impossible to use the alarm. The new clock seems to have the opposite problem. The alarm button is pressed, but the clock sometimes thinks it isn’t.
    My feeling is that since P&G took over Braun became a money making exercise – earn money from the old reputation, but don’t invest in R&D, but that’s just my feeling.


    1. After reading your comments, I feel like taking back the last sentence of this post :( I never knew any Braun products in its heyday (I vaguely remember a coffee machine or two), I wish I had gotten to know them earlier. I was tempted to get the alarm clock too (I had a clone when I was in school, so that looked familiar as well), but seems like it’s just as well I passed on it.


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