Schwan Stabilo Othello 282 (var.)


Here is a watermelon of a pencil to cool off with during the hot summer months :)  Actually, the color scheme should work for Christmas too, but the red is a bit too vermilion and the aqua lines too suggestive of a dip in the pool. Christmas is best celebrated with the pine-green-and-gold Faber-Castell 9000.


11 thoughts on “Schwan Stabilo Othello 282 (var.)

      1. The 2 1/2 designation should qualify as an F in the American sense, but somehow Stabilo seems to think different, as Gunther says. It’s interesting, though, that older Othellos come in #1’s and #2’s…

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      1. Gunther, I went back to my copy of “The Pencil” but couldn’t find anything :( Will append here if anything surfaces!

        And 1 6/4 would be good exercise for the brain. BTW I really like the silver printing :)


    1. Thank you, Jinnie! I’m getting to know lots of new stuff thanks to you, too. Can you believe I’ve never owned a single Field Note up till now? Gotta try one soon. BTW I’m thinking of writing up something in response to your Rollbahn post, check back in a couple of days ;)


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