A. W. Faber Pencil Extender


I don’t produce pencil stubs often enough to justify the purchase of pencil lengtheners, but I like them all the same. This is a plastic model in the same olive-green color as my Castell 9007s. There are nicer ones made of wood (that I don’t have), painted in other colors, including a vivid red that looks like it was done by Caran d’Ache. I’ll have to work on my Castells in order to get to this guy.


8 thoughts on “A. W. Faber Pencil Extender

  1. Is this one really made from plastic? It looks like wood. It’s a nice one nevertheless, especially with the corresponding colours of metal part and careful imprint.


      1. You’re right – material-wise, wood is much nicer. The LYRA extender could be a generic one which was just stamped; in contrast to this the one from A.W. Faber is beautifully designed. – I had this type of extender too but wasn’t very happy with the fact that it can be used with small stubs only; if the pencil is a little longer it looks silly (at least to me). Now I prefer hollow extenders which can also serve as protector when the pencil is inserted the other way round.


      2. The marbled Rosetta is visually quite shocking ;) The bodies are different for all three but the central mechanism seems to be identical. You are right, this kind is the most versatile and also the safest for the pencils inside.


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