Eagle Sunbeam Pencils


Among the many reasons for choosing (or not choosing) a pencil, one of the more important ones for me is the name. Sunbeam! How wonderful is that for a school pencil? Doesn’t it immediately conjure up a vision of a light-filled classroom with children dressed in bright colors, chattering away? Even the lemon yellow streak on the box is endlessly cheerful.


The printing on the pencil itself could be better, but the important point is that this school-grade pencil gives a favorable impression even alongside the more upscale Mirados. One reason I like Eagle pencils is that they have this creamy undertone to them, and although the Sunbeam writes slightly stiffer than the regular Mirado No. 2’s, it too has that magical touch.



5 thoughts on “Eagle Sunbeam Pencils

    1. Thank you for your post, John! My Sunbeam definitely looks like a school pencil but yours looks like a proper drawing pencil – I wonder what its relationship was to the Turquoise. I must say, British-made pencils of familiar American or German brands are so fascinating (and something of a mystery to me).


    1. Yes, the box is nothing special, but the color really lifts it up, doesn’t it? Even the tired old Helvetica (?) font manages to look great :)


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