Some Caran d’Ache Writing Pencils


This was meant to be another installment in the “Joy of Inexpensive Pencils” series, but… is there such a thing as a “cheap” Caran d’Ache pencil? Perhaps they are more affordable in their native Switzerland, but we continue to pay a premium for them. In any case, I find the current crop of lower-priced CdA writing pencils quite appealing.

The 351-2 yellow eraser-topped pencil in particular was a pleasant surprise: it looks like a cheap school pencil but still has that unmistakable, almost glassy CdA “glide”. The cheerful lemon yellow paint and gold lettering compare favorably even to the Technograph 777. This yellow pencil costs slightly more than the other cheapies, at around 1 ~ 1.20 € each.

The Grafik and Natura pencils are next down the line; I would assume from the price that they share a common lead, but because the Natura is unpainted, it is infinitesimally slimmer, and that affects the writing experience somewhat (I felt that the Natura wrote lighter). The Edelweiss (0.60€) was a bit disappointing. Although it is better than most “school”-grade pencils, the HB felt a bit too dark and coarse for a Caran d’Ache. Still, the colors are great – the company produces an unbeatable red, and I personally have a soft spot for the vivid navy of the Edelweiss F.


5 thoughts on “Some Caran d’Ache Writing Pencils

  1. I like the Edelweiss F, too. It doesn’t work well on paper that’s generally not good for harder pencils, but on the right paper it can be a joy to use – and the Edelweiss logo makes it special. The 777 is great, but for some reason I don’t pick it up that often when I need a pencil.
    To me the Grafik looks like something straight out of a CGA screen…


    1. Re the Edelweiss F: I like the color, but the lead is a bit too hard for my taste. I should try using it on different kinds of paper, as you say. And I feel I’m being unnecessarily harsh on the Edelweiss HB too – it’s a perfectly good pencil, but for some reason first impressions tend to persist…

      My favorite is still the yellow eraser-topped pencil I guess ;)


  2. Goodness. I just discovered your blog (while researching my vintage Berol Eagle pencil), and I am IN LOVE with these pencils. They have such beautifully designed bodies. I just wanted to drop by and say thank you for all the wonderful information you put up! If you don’t mind, I shall quietly resume browsing your site. >_> Hahaha.


    1. Thank you for your kind words! I have to say, while I try to make my posts worth reading, I end up learning more from the comments and interactions with readers. The Caran d’Aches are cute – I recommend them, along with the Swiss Wood :)


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