Frixion Stamps!


These cute stamps represent the latest application of the erasable Frixion ink. I wonder how many people would buy these for the properties of the ink itself? To me, they are just cute, portable stamps. Of course, schedules change and appointments shift, so it would be useful to be able to erase anything.

They’re not the usual schoolgirl stuff but for adult journaling, since the range of 60 (30 at the time of my purchase, but very recently expanded!) include signs for “payday”, “drinking party”, “golf” and “business trip” (not included in the picture above, since I bought other kinds). There are also Chinese-character signs for holidays (or days you took off from work) and days you reported for work despite it being the weekend. However, they still lack some important signs – most notably, “overtime (i.e. working late and taking the last train home) and “shopping”, both crucial components of life in Japan ;) A separate sign for “cinema” would have been nice too, but instead they have included “The Scream” by Munch.

image(on a Semikolon Creativo notebook)

image(on a Midori Cotton notebook)

Very few shops outside of Japan carry these stamps (I’m not sure whether they sell it in Korea even), and the shops that do offer a very limited selection at steep prices. This is probably because a lot of the signs are Japanese-specific and so demand is limited. I had the chance to order some with my new Hobonichi planner at the Hobonichi official shop, and the rest I had to source on eBay.

While they seem like the perfect companion to a planner like the Hobonichi, in reality the properties of the ink and paper do not go together that well. The Frixion ink is a bit sticky, and on less absorbent paper like the Tomoe River it tends to pool in dots. I’ve found that however long you wait for the ink to dry, you always have to blot it, otherwise it transfers on to the opposite page. Of course, the great advantage of Frixion is that it can be erased, and the stamps come with a rubberized rim for that purpose. But I advise you not to use that eraser if at all possible. It distresses the paper and leaves marks, especially if the paper is as thin as the Tomoe River. If you must erase something, use the round eraser on any Frixion pen, it’s gentler and more efficient that way.


The Frixion stamps use this quintessentially Japanese ink reservoir system, in which the ink is stored in the stamp itself. This self-inking system (as far as I know) was pioneered by the Japanese firm Shachihata, which I will write about in a separate post. In theory it should be possible to refill the ink once you use it up, but judging by the price I think these stamps are meant to be disposable.

14 thoughts on “Frixion Stamps!

  1. These are so cute! I would use them over tiny stickers made for the same purpose (they used to be a thing… are they still?), especially on thin paper like Tomoe River. But I also learned that stamping on Tomoe can be tricky because like you said, it’s not very absorbent. I found that the chalky ink pads from Tsukineko worked best for me; they are “drier” and don’t bleed through as much. But of course they’re not as convenient as these self-inking stamps.

    Love the Munch stamp. Do they have a stamp for “the day I bought more stationery”? :)

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    1. I know, they need a shopping bag sign bursting with pens and rulers ;) And I wonder if these stamps will work with the Tsukineko stamp pads, for instance, when they run out of ink. I also wonder how long one of these would last (perhaps half as long as a Frixion pen?).
      You mean there are small stickers for use on stamp-unfriendly paper? Like blank sheets of paper that happen to be adhesive?


      1. Oops, sorry for the confusion. I obviously didn’t proofread my comment. I meant I’d rather use these stamps, instead of those tiny stickers made to be in used in planners, with similar designs for various life events. Stickers would make my Hobonichi pages more uneven.


      2. Oh you mean like those included with the Moleskine planners? My Semikolon Creativo also has a whole foldout page of stickers at the back and unfortunately they aren’t so attractive… I liked the Moleskine ones though, but I never used them, for some reason.


  2. These look so cute! I love self-inking stamps. It’s a shame it doesn’t work better in the Hobonichi planner, but I still want them for their cuteness. :)


    1. Hahaha… maybe colored ink that’s erasable? Actually I rely heavily on the blue ink erasers made by Pelikan (“Super Pirat”) – although I am aware that the way it works is quite different. It would be neat to have something like that for colors other than blue too!


      1. I had a similar idea, but the idea reminded me of me trying to refill a printer ink cartridge in the early nineties with Pelikan Royal Blue – btw don’t try it, it’s much too ‘coarse’ for the cartridge ink feeding system. If they can make ‘glitter ink’ for standard feeders (Diamine shimmer inks and the French one they copied from) then this might be possible, but I don’t know anything about chemistry and not enough about inks to do more than guess..


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