A (Not Very Good) Pencil Pot


This is my current pencil pot, as a rejoinder to the fun “Pencil Pot of the Month” series over at Bleistift.  I don’t have that many pots to show, and this one is not ideal for pencils either because points tend to get caught in the strap.  But it does hold a lot of pencils (it has four compartments), is lined with something like felt inside, and faux leather outside. My memory isn’t what it used to be, but I believe I bought this at Ito-ya :)


5 thoughts on “A (Not Very Good) Pencil Pot

  1. A very handsome pot! And it’s cool it has compartments. :)
    You know, I never thought about storing pencils with the business ends pointing up! I guess the idea just never occurred to me. ^_^;; But now that I think about it, this way would be better for the lead, and the pencil body would stay cleaner.

    Do I see a gold pencil cap or is that a lone pen? :D


    1. Oh, that actually is a pencil cap, for copying pencils! You know, the “indelible” kind where the lead contains an aniline dye which turns brilliant blue/purple when moistened. It was useful but toxic, and many copying pencils came with caps attached. I’m still trying to figure out their exact properties.

      I prefer to store pencils with the ferrule side up, if only to make it easier to tell them apart, but this particular pencil “pot” is lined with felt and I didn’t want the insides to get dirty. I’ve gotten better at identifying pencils based on the minute differences in color (yellow has so many shades!) and the lead diameter ;)


    1. Not at the moment – although I agree that is a good principle. The pot basically contains pencils I like or must try, since once I put something away in a box or pencil case I tend to forget about them! One compartment has Eberhard Faber pencils, another Eagle, and the remaining two are “miscellaneous”.


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