I belatedly went over the blog stat report WordPress sent me at the end of the year, and I see that, of the five most popular posts of 2015, not one is about pencils. Three are paper-related and two are fountain pen reviews. As Charlie Brown would have said: Good grief! Would you folks like something else instead? Resorting to some cedar and eraser green tea to revive myself… ;)



8 thoughts on “Shocker

  1. I think I just saw this eraser set a week ago in a shop 8^)
    I understand your surprise. I sometimes think “Good Grief” when a quick and dirty blog post is popular (while ‘lots of effort blog posts’ aren’t popular at all).


    1. I know, the surprises are part of the fun when it comes to blogging… You never know what other people will like!

      But apart from that there’s still a full-blown identity crisis going on here. Who am I and what is this blog supposed to be about? ;)


      1. I have encountered the same – more than once a very short (and sometimes silly) blog post got much more clicks than a long post which required a lot of effort.

        Sola, as long as you don’t know what your blog is supposed to be about you are freee to choose any topic – don’t change that, it will limit yourself ;-)


      2. Thank you for the sound advice, Gunther! The secret seems to be, as always, in striking a good balance. I also try to stick to pencils as much as possible ;)


  2. No, I love your pencil posts!! :D I don’t know how WordPress decides what the top posts are but I say you decide what your favorite/top posts are and do the types of posts you enjoy writing. :)

    Those tiny erasers are ADORABLE. Do you ever use these erasers? I have a donut one that I can’t bring myself to start using just yet. ^^


    1. Oh, a doughnut would be scrumptious :) No, I don’t use them, which is why I don’t buy these type of erasers – they were a gift. But I do remember my eraser collection way back when. We all do, don’t we? ;)

      And thank you for your encouragement – I may as well plug on!


      1. Oh yes, I’m still going through my vintage eraser collection. It’s only recently that I decided to actually use some of them and throw out those that didn’t age well. I wonder if there are as many avid eraser collectors as there are pencil collectors…:D


      2. I think most (if not all!) pencil collectors started out as eraser collectors ;) They are so versatile and cheap and fun. I can’t believe you kept your eraser collection up till now! My pencils have survived but not my erasers…


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