Lyra Super Ferby Duos


A quick post just to show how these bicolor pencils look like, since John has mentioned them in a comment. Lyra is a very exotic brand for me and I am not really familiar with their lineup, but I have loved the fat Ferby ever since I laid eyes on it and I still have a soft spot for anything Ferby-shaped :) These are wonderfully creamy, vivid colored pencils. I find the color combinations fascinating!


Thank you Gunther for sending these hard-to-find pencils my way!


2 thoughts on “Lyra Super Ferby Duos

  1. I’d assumed that these came in the red and blue only – I’ve not seen the set with all these different colours, even in places that sell the single colour Super Ferbys – very nice!


    1. Yes, I’m amazed by them too! I find Lyra very hard to get, in general, but then some pop up in the most unexpected places. I wonder if they have become more widely available since they were acquired by the FILA group? Their school-grade pencils have trickled in to Korea in recent years…


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