Au Revoir Montréal, Hola Montevideo!

Our sojourn in Canada is at an end!  We are moving south to Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, in February.  I don’t know anything about the country except what I have read up in Wikipedia, so don’t ask me, at least not yet. Apart from it being a dramatic change in ordinary life terms, I can’t begin to guess what it would mean stationery-wise.  I hope to bring news of the pencil situation from down below, after the necessary hiatus, where the water swirls counterclockwise and the Southern Cross illuminates the night sky…

Goodbye Québec and its Franco-Anglo drawl.  The awesome snowstorms. The even more awesome snowblowers. Windows iced over and frozen shut.  Children in colorful snow suits romping about in the snow.  Timbits.  Ice capps.  NorthFace.  The Canadian “eh?”.  Peaches in maple syrup jam from Première Moisson bakery.  The glorious summer.  And especially my hundred-year-old local library.  Thank you and goodbye.

My heart still leaps when I behold a postal van in the street…


…and the famous snowblower in action :)



16 thoughts on “Au Revoir Montréal, Hola Montevideo!

    1. I forgot to add: Poutine! Ham drizzled with maple syrup! Warm bagels! Apple cider!

      And thank you for your warm wishes :) I hope you’re not anywhere near the superblizzard, by the way.


    1. Thank you for your words Shangching – I’m discovering (as usual) that no move is stress-free! I hope to come back to a normal blogging schedule soon. Right now even my Hobonichi goes neglected :(


      1. I can relate to the moving stress, since I have moved between east and west coasts of United States twice. Not sure why anyone would do that, but given the chance I would not repeat this experience again.
        Whenever you have a breather, write little memorable things about the move in the planner. It would be a great way to look back years later.
        Bonne chance et bonne route!


      2. Thank you, Shangching, and sorry for this late reply! Right now my Hobonichi journal is being filled with records of trips to various hospitals and clinics, but I hope to fill it with more cheerful and exotic stuff very soon. I commiserate with you on moving across continents – so very hard :(


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