Stationery Haul – Seoul

I am spending a very busy two-week vacation back home – but of course some stationery tours are in order.  The best part about being back is that I’ve had the chance to meet up with old pen friends and meet new friends I made online.


A typical pen meet shot of four people :)

Pens were tested, gifts exchanged and gossip shared.  Thank you for a great time!

Afterwards we moved on to a big department-store style stationer and bookshop.

In Montreal, I had the impression that special editions of MT masking tapes were produced in limited runs and therefore no longer available past that particular season, but this doesn’t seem to be true.  I found an exhilarating display stand comprising most of the special editions I had drooled over this past year, including the MT × Nordic Countries collaboration series.  (The ordinary, permanent-collection tapes were at the back.)


Bengt & Lotta Fish (left), Flowers (3rd from left), Olle Eksell Work & Fika (black), and Almedahls Italian Flower Shelf.


I also stocked up on some Redman pencil cases and some TiTi T-Prime pencils (as I mentioned, these pencils are made by Camel Pencil Manufacturing, which makes the new Craft Design Technology Item No. 32 pencils).  Plus an unfamiliar Staedtler, and some interesting Kirin bicolor pencils.

And last but not least, I stocked up on my favorite sharpener, the Deli 0635.  It’s sold under the Morning Glory brand here and called the “Dual Sharpener”, but it’s Deli all right – the packaging says so.  It comes with a desk mount.



They even note the date of manufacture for pencil sharpeners here ;)

The recommended retail price is 8500 Korean won (about 7 USD), but I believe I got it for cheaper.

Busy, but more to come!

4 thoughts on “Stationery Haul – Seoul

  1. It’s always exciting to see photos of stationery stores around the world!

    That’s a good price for the Deli / Morning Glory.
    Hmm, the TiTi T-Prime. It’s a great pencil! Too bad hey are so difficult to get (at least in Europe).
    The Redman cases look good. are they expensive?


    1. Matthias, thank you for introducing me to the Deli! I’m so glad I have a spare now :)
      The Redman cases are 9,000 won (about $7.35 at the current exchange rate). When I bought them way back there was only one size available, but now they have wider ones that fit 2 pencils, and also a shorter version.


  2. I got a similar impression while shopping for mt tapes in Tokyo, too, although the selection was different at every store. I think the biggest, most comprehensive collection I saw was at Loft. Wish I could see a display like that in the US! And I love that black tape with the stationery theme. I use it all the time! :)

    TiTi T-Prime! I kept hearing about it and thought they reminded me of Camel pencils. Ah ha! :D


    1. Jinnie, it took me some time to get back to my own blog, as you can see ;) It looks like you can get MT tapes and Korean brands (such as Dailylike) easily enough now, but with a couple of caveats – 1. the tape display at Kyobo Book Center in Gangnam was much bigger, but 2. even then it wasn’t that comprehensive – I suspect many editions just stay in Japan. Which may be just as well, considering my stationery budget.

      And I really like the pencil tape too! It’s the first time I’ve bought a tape with a black background :)


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