Pencils, Onscreen and Otherwise

For the dreary winter months down here in the southern hemisphere, I have joined fellow Montevideanos in what seems to be one of their favorite pasttimes: Netflix binge-watching. And pencil-spotting is a sport in itself :)

This is Daniel Craig as Mikael Blomkvist in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. At first I was so excited, thinking that the movie crew made the effort to track down a real Dixon Ticonderoga Millenium for the Millenium series – but upon closer inspection, it turned out to be just an ordinary Ticonderoga Black. What’s a Dixon pencil doing in snowy Sweden anyway? Maybe they just wanted a dark pencil to blend in with the monochromatic color scheme?

I was overjoyed to spot the rare Mongol 480 in Sophie’s Choice. (It may be a regular hexagonal 482, but that barrel looks round to me!) Stingo, the aspiring writer, has a cupful of these beauties on his desk.

And, last but not least: the humble Noris is called up in the service of Art. The soprano Renee Fleming shows how to use a pencil for vocalizing practice (start watching around 1:20; it lasts only a minute or so).

5 thoughts on “Pencils, Onscreen and Otherwise

    1. Oh, you mean the beer :) I didn’t know it was a local brand. It helps that I’m catching up on critically acclaimed movies of the past thirty years I missed out on, but even so that Mongol was a surprise!

      BTW the Vogue office in NY seems to stock regular Ticonderogas, according to The September Issue ;)


  1. “What’s a Dixon pencil doing in snowy Sweden anyway?” 😂

    What a fun post! And good eye! You know, now that I am “into” pencils I started noticing them more on TV. Recently, I saw a Mitsubishi Hi-Uni on a Japanese movie clip. I have a feeling that’s not very uncommon in Japanese media though.. ^^


    1. The Hi-Uni should be popular with good reason, but I have the impression that the Japanese are also partial to Lumographs. Did you notice the red-and-black Tradition on one of the Hobonichi Planner ad clips last year? It’s such a fun topic to geek out on ;)


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