An Unsung Hero of My Desktop

If we’re not above discussing pencils and pencil sharpeners, could I present my Scotch tape dispenser too? I was reaching for this today, as usual, when it struck me just how easy to use it is, how well-made and sturdy. Maybe this is what a good basic should be like: nothing fancy, but works every time. A true stalwart.

One push of the lever rotates the wheel 120° and delivers up pieces of tape sliced 35 milimeters long. I guess there are blades located down below, sharp as ever after four years of service. The length of the tape may seem short at first, but it suffices in most cases (you can even roll it to make it double-sided), and it helps you to not waste tape.

This is how it looks from the back – it takes 12mm or 18mm tapes.

It can be a bit tricky to thread in the tape the first time, but once you understand which way the tape travels, you should be fine ;)

I haven’t seen these kind of dispensers in Canadian Staples, or in any other store abroad for that matter. Have you? But once I found it there was no going back to those flimsy plastic dispensers that crack open every time, or to those other kinds of dispensers with metal teeth that you get cuts from and that stretch your tape and leave the edges jagged. You can easily work this with only one hand, and far fewer fingerprints are left on the tape. I think I got the most out of this dispenser when my son was going through an intensive taping phase in kindergarten and I had neither the time nor the patience to see him through ;)

It’s really nothing, just a tape dispenser, but it makes life just that much easier and more pleasant.


7 thoughts on “An Unsung Hero of My Desktop

    1. Oh, I am so glad someone found this post useful :) But the thing is, I bought this in Korea, it’s made by the local subsidiary of 3M and the proper product name is “3M Scotch One-Touch Dispenser”. I really really hope you can find it online somewhere! I’ll let you know if I find it at a retailer that ships abroad…


    2. I found it on Amazon :) It’s listed as “3M Scotch Tape Straight Cutting Dispenser _ One Touch”. It looks like it’s also available from some Korean retailers. Good luck!


    1. Shangching, if you use Scotch tape at all at the office you should get this – it will bolster your reputation as stationery guru :) It is seriously convenient!


    1. I know, these are the things we actually need and use, right? If you ever decide to take the plunge please tell me what you thought of it. And I will be looking forward to seeing that paper shredder over at Three Staples! :)


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