A Good Mechanical Pencil Is Hard to Find

One of the great things about belonging to a larger community of fellow enthusiasts is that you get to learn a lot about even the things that didn’t interest you at the outset. Thank you, friends, for educating me enough to pick out a new mechanical pencil for a fifth-grader :)

The Pentel P205 in black and gold.

By the way I recently read a book in which the author kept referring to “retractable pencils”, by which I suppose she meant mechanical pencils.  Or would there have been another kind? It has too many names :(


12 thoughts on “A Good Mechanical Pencil Is Hard to Find

  1. Great photos!
    Rotring makes retractable pencils, the 800 and the Rapid, but like you say in this case it was probably a reference to mechanical pencils.


    1. Ahh… You mean the lead sleeve retracts. That’s neat :) The Rotring may be something my son can aspire to in a few years.

      Here we get a lot of sun, even in the winter, but for some reason it doesn’t make photographing easier. For this post I took La Plume‘s advice and used a blank sketchbook as the background, seems like it worked! :)


    1. 저 샤프가 유난히 선단이 길고 가늘어 보여서 그걸 보호할 목적으로 저 파우치를 하사했지요 ㅋ.ㅋ

      근데 몇 년 사이에 가죽 공방도 많이 생겼고 모르는 브랜드도 많아졌더라고요. 이담에 가면 유심히 봐야겠어요. 저 레드맨 파우치는 생긴 모양이 무난해서 좋아하는데 이번에 보니 바느질에 편차가 좀 보이더군요.


      1. 그런데 한국 밖에서는 구하기가 쉽지 않으셨을 것 같은데… 한국에 들어오셨나요? (여기다 여쭤볼 건 아닌 것 같지만;;)


      2. 파우치는 2월에 잠깐 들어갔을 때 구해놓았던 거구요, 샤프는 한국에서 보내받았습니다 (여기가 나름 오지(?)라 배송에 약간의 지원이 있습니다).

        저도 플륌님 블로그 보고 블랙/금장 모델은 한국에서만 나오나 보다 했는데, 이제는 미국 아마존이나 분도키에서도 파는 것 같더라고요.


  2. I absolutely love everything pentel produces but I’ve never seen a mechanical pencil made by them ♡ really have to look for those

    and there’s another kind of retractable pencils, I just don’t know what they are called in english :D so here’s some help from google


    1. Oh, I rather had the impression that Pentel was most famous for its mechanical pencils ;) It also pioneered the modern polymer lead as far as I know. But I have fond memories of its correction fluid and eraser too.

      As for leadholders – yes, they are retractable :) Thank you for pointing that out!


      1. You’re welcome, I hope you’ll manage to find it, or something similar! More and more small manufacturers and ateliers seem to enter the leather accessories market, and there are many more players now, but I am still fond of this particular pencase.


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