Hobonichi Season

Has everyone decided on what to get from the Hobonichi Store? I am not planning to get any covers or accessories this year, only the planner (in English) and the Weeks (I know, I wanted to try something different but I haven’t managed to find an alternative). I only have to decide whether I want the Weeks in rustic linen or in the French baguette pattern ☺

That said, I thought I would show some highlights from the past two years of Hobonichi journalling. As you may already know, I am not in the least artistic, and the biggest challenge for me is inserting visually interesting “rest stops” in between pages and pages of text without embarrassing myself. I’ve tried taping, drawing, calligraphy, etc., but my most successful attempts so far involve drawing maps. This has a number of points in its favor: you get to use all your tools, pencil, pen and colored pencil; you actually learn something during the process; and it stays relevant and informative even years afterwards.

This was my first attempt at map-drawing; it was just too small and I had to draw additional area enlargements. By the way has anyone read Dark Star Safari by Paul Theroux or Don’t Let’s Go to the Dogs Tonight by Alexandra Fuller? The former comes recommended by Haruki Murakami (he’s friends with Theroux), and the latter is just as good.

And then we moved to South America. In order to sort out the muddled heap of countries in my head, I again resorted to maps. Brazil is reeeally big; I couldn’t get it to fit on the page 😑.  One disadvantage of the onionskin Tomoe River paper is that you have to be very careful with erasing, and even then you get small tears from time to time (witness the grey masking tape over the Amazon).

This map of Uruguay is the only time I used tracing paper, because a map of just the right size happened to be printed on the back flap of a school notebook. Departmental boundaries were done by visual approximation, as with all the other maps, and thus are inexact.

You don’t always have to draw countries; if you’re in love with your neighborhood you can map out its streets too, especially if you know you’re going to leave someday and will miss it, like I do. Also there’s nothing like map-drawing to put your factual knowledge to the test: I found out that I had the order of some shops wrong when I checked some days later.

And cartoons go very well of course with the overall Hobo vibe. I only regret that I had to convert all my subscriptions to digital editions and therefore have almost no material to snip out stuff from now.

I also found a way to use up the box of Midori roll stickers I was hoarding. I use it like a ticket stub for any Netflix movie I watched.

And if there are still any blank pages left over even after all that, you can always engage a guest artist!

16 thoughts on “Hobonichi Season

  1. 마지막 부분 진짜 보물인데요ㅎㅎㅎ 지도 그리기는 저도 좋아해서 보통 여행 가기 전에 그려두면 현지의 공간을 머릿속에 확실히 넣어 둘 수 있더라고요. 음… 브라질에 대해서는 조지 W. 부시 대통령도 “Wow! Brazil is big.”이라는 명언을 남기셨죠…;;


    1. 어제도 포켓몬 세 개 더 그려 받았는데 아직 색칠을 안하셔서 못 올렸습니다 ㅋ.ㅋ 빈 페이지 채우기에는 그것만한 게 없는 것 같아요.

      지도그리기는 그림 못 그리는 게 티가 덜 나서 좋아요. 확실히 머릿속에 들어가는 것도 있고요. 남미 실제로 그려보기 전까지는 콜롬비아가 그렇게 큰 나라인줄 몰랐어요 과테말라랑 동급으로 생각했다는… ㅎㅎ


  2. Just when you publish the post, I have ordered mine for next year. I decided to go with an A6 Techo with a Lapis cover. Even though separating life and work works out for me, my humble goal is to streamline my life so I do not have so many of the same thing. We will see how it will work out!
    Ah, and do not worry, mine from this year is filled with stop pages!


    1. Are you getting new covers every year, Shangching? I noticed that Hobonichi makes a point of tagging their covers with the year they were offered, no doubt to encourage annual replacements. And I think the original Techo is really the best choice 😊

      And do let’s work on the rest stop pages! 😉


      1. It seems like I am getting a new cover annually, isn’t it? I got a cover for the very first Hobonichi Techo, then the following year, I audaciously switched to Cousin and got a cover for it. This year I opt out of a new cover, thinking I will make one. As you can see, that never happens. Since this cover I am getting is in black, let’s hope the dark color will withstand stains so I can keep using it year after year.
        Hobonichi has become a semi-scrapbook for me so all those rest stop pages will be happily filled soon.
        You have a leather cover for your Techo, right?


      2. Yes, I do, and I hope to stick to it at least for some years to come ;) The first cover I ordered was very different from what I had expected in terms of the feel of the material or construction, and I’ve been wary of ordering covers online ever since then. If I’m getting a new cover at all I’ll make sure I do that in a store in Japan! I wish you many happy months of scrapbooking :)


  3. Are you from Montreal or happen to have lived there? I live in Montreal and I pass through Sherbrooke Street all the time! It’s not often that I see a blogger about stationery that probably lived in Montreal. Cool!


    1. Hi Gabriela! We lived in Montreal for three years before moving away this February. The No. 24 bus has a special place in my heart :) I decided to record this “snapshot in time” of this stretch of Sherbrooke because I witnessed so many changes even during our short time there. I look forward to visiting again! :)


  4. I love these, Sola! I never thought of drawing maps before but maybe I should! It looks like a very educational exercise. :) And I like how you’re not afraid to use the pages rotated.. I forget that I can do that :P


    1. I know, the rectangles can get a bit boring, eh? I couldn’t make the triangular continent fit otherwise ;) Maps take time but drawing them is really fun. I think I should try mapping more cities and neighborhoods next…


    1. Congratulations! I’m getting antsy too, now that we’re going in to December. I think I managed to fill all the pages in the Planner this year. Happy journalling next year, too, Kas! :)

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