Hobonichi 2017

We came back from a trip to Buenos Aires last night to the sight of our doorman waving the lemon-yellow Hobonichi envelope at us. What a delight! Thank you sooooo much for shipping worldwide, Hobo :)

This was going to be a very short post, just to show you next year’s Weeks in linen isn’t half bad (thankfully not as bland as I thought – there’s a bit more texture to it), but I notice several changes in the Planner [spoiler alert]:

1. There’s a new 2-page spread at the front, just before the January pages start. And the planner has lost the last two weeks of December leading up to the new year, as well as the first week of January 2018; it starts right on January 1st and ends on December 31st. No half pages.

2. The monthly intro pages are ruled more loosely this time (the one on the left is for 2017).

3. And I see that they’ve done away with the national holiday markings in red. Good riddance – I appreciate the additional space.

I look forward to seeing everybody else’s! :)

7 thoughts on “Hobonichi 2017

    1. Guillermo, I wanted to double-check the Eco before I replied, but it took quite some time to track that one pencil down. I like it better than the Bic Evolution or the Sabonis EcoLápiz (which are the cheapest pencils here), but it still has a “rubbery” feel similar to those two. If I had to choose among the cheaper FC’s I would prefer something like the Flags pencil shown at the bottom, which writes more like a regular Faber-Castell.


      1. That black pencil looks pretty similar to the 1205 pencil I own. The only discernible difference seems to be that mine has an eraser/ ferrule. Is that a wood pencil too?

        Never seen a Sabonis here (only pens, mechanical pencils and fountains are sold here AFAIK), but that Bic Evolution Pencil is by far, the worst pencil I’ve ever used in my entire life!

        The only plastic pencil I happen to like is Staedtler’s Wopex. Not my favourite pencil by any means, but not as bad as all the others I’ve tried. What’s yours?


      2. Yes, the black pencil is a regular woodcased pencil. And yes, the Bic Evolution is pretty horrible, but unfortunately it is ubiquitous here. I even have colored Evolution pencils. Very rubbery, isn’t it? I like the Wopex, but as it is heavier than most regular pencils I don’t reach for it a lot, unfortunately.

        I have too many “favorites” to mention, because I like them all for different reasons. I thought about doing a “Top 10” list or some such but had to abandon the idea because I couldn’t pick just ten…


  1. I got you! When I first started using those Classic Ticonderogas again, I was expecting them to be rough, gritty and pretty light on their tonal value (read some reviews online). But much to my surprise, they turned out to be darker, smoother, and so far, I’ve yet to experiment grit. But what really blew me over, was the fact that Dixon decided to get back to Incense Cedar for the wood. That totally won me over. Yet, compared to my Mitsu’s, Tombow’s, or German Staedtler’s, it quickly falls behind but still, I like it.

    Go figure!


  2. I just started my first hobo techo weeks…i want to use frixion pens in the weeks but after erasure or frixion ink the pens wont write on that area. Any thoughts.
    Thanks Diana


    1. Hi Diana, I personally don’t use Frixion pens, I stick to fountain pens usually on Tomoe River paper because I like the way the ink pools and shades. So I’m not familiar with that particular problem… sorry! Tomoe River doesn’t take well to rubbing anyway since it’s so thin, and I’ve learned to leave the Frixion stamp marks alone.


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