ADEL Pencils

Has anyone in this part of the blogosphere heard about Adel pencils yet? From Turkey? Yes they do manufacture pencils in Turkey (the company was founded in partnership with Faber-Castell), and what is even more interesting is that they have been turning up in Korea (of all places) since several years ago. The first time I got to know them was when a Penhood member gave me a few samples at the pen show in 2012. They are fun, if anything, and I suspect they may appeal to the segment of the market that still pines after Yikes! pencils, as well as schoolchildren.


I had more in fun colors (silver! zebra stripes!) before my son pounced on them and then gave most of them away at his kindergarten, after he came to be known as The Kid With the Cool Pencils. They produce a LOT of models (certainly way more than the official homepage suggests), but I am not aware of any premium-quality pencils in their line; they have a relatively somber model called the Prestige, which is still priced at the usual Office Depot school-supply rate. The ones I have write more or less predictably for pencils in their price range, dark and a bit coarse, but slightly softer than the standard Papermates.

Adel pencils are not really comparable (at least not yet) in quality to other premium pencils like the Uni, Lumograph or Castell 9000, but I am inclined to look kindly upon them if only because of the fact that they are not made in China. Also, when I look at the pencils on sale in drugstores and at Staples at rock-bottom prices, I think: well, if pencils need to be kept that cheap, why not make them fun, at least? And in this aspect Adel delivers. I’m hoping that their efforts at exporting are successful and that they will start thinking about making some good pencils for grownups soon.