Noodler’s Ink Ahab Pen


This is a brief response to a post at Bleistift – so far this seems to be the best result I can get out of my Ahab pen. Apart from the smell, which I don’t mind that much, it had some skipping problems in the beginning. I was tempted to adjust the feed, as Palimpsest has done, but I wasn’t sure I could align the nib and feed perfectly by myself again. So I just hope the ink flow will improve with time. I chose the Ahab over the Creaper since the nib was slightly bigger, but the reviews say the Creaper is actually more flexible. So there are regrets.

Two things that struck me about the Ahab was that they included a free (non-flexible) nib along with the pen, and that they recommended creating an “overfeed” with plastic tape(?!) to increase ink flow. The insert was pretty entertaining, I bet they stick with that college-dorm feel on purpose…

Paper: Tomoe River paper
Ink: de Atramentis Indigo Blue