Staedtler Mars Duralar and Dynagraph 

Here are some photographs to complement Gunther’s post on the Mars Duralar @Lexikaliker. I was thrilled to find that the pencil Yves Saint Laurent was holding in his hand looked exactly like the Duralar I discovered many years ago in Montreal! However, as the Duralar is specifically intended for use on drafting film, it is not very pleasant to use on paper (it drags horribly). So what exactly is YSL doing with this pencil? 😅

And then here is its successor, the Dynagraph. Thanks to Gunther’s post I now know that the lesser numbers on both the Duralar and the Dynagraph denote the softer grades.

In the Dynagraph there is an interesting logo saying “PROFILM”, which I thought was an industry designation of some sort at first but turns out to have been a trademark filed by Staedtler for its own pencils.

For a more in-depth look at how the Dynagraph performs, please refer to this classic article at Pencil Talk.


7 thoughts on “Staedtler Mars Duralar and Dynagraph 

  1. Very interesting! I wondered about film pencils for traditional animators, so I did a little bit of investigation, and it looks as though Staedtler Glasochrom pencils are used by animators who still work traditionally using cel animation.


    1. John, thank you for checking back on a blog that has been dormant for a long time! Thank you for the information regarding Glasochrom pencils too, I didn’t know they existed. We knew some neighbors who were involved in cel animation when I was a child but curiously enough I don’t remember any special pencils…


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