I try not to think of pencils as objects of art.  They are there to serve.  Still, some pencils are so beautifully made they take your breath away.  As I mentioned in a previous post, there was an Eagle factory in Québec, where they manufactured these Canadiana colored pencils, as well as Canadian Mirado graphite pencils.  I am particularly taken with the maple leaves on the carton (there really are a lot of maple trees in Canada!), as well as the “Canadiana” typeface.  This is going to be a great souvenir of our time here.

2 thoughts on “Beautiful!

  1. Prettily made, indeed. I like that the artwork and the graphics of the box are the same pallette as the pencils inside (shocking, I know). I can’t put my finger on why I think so, but the iconography of the eagle also reminds me of tribal art from the Pacific Northwest.

    When do you think your Eagles were fledged, Sola? Based on typography, Sean or Michael Leddy could offer a far more educated guess, but your colorful little nest of raptors look like the Sixties to me.


    1. Hi junius, I hadn’t noticed the color palette before but you’re right, they do reflect the colors inside ;) I notice it now with the Noris jumbo colored pencil set. Common sense!

      As for the dates – the best clue seems to be that it’s missing the “Berol” name. The link above says Canadiana pencils were produced from 1952 onwards, so I would (very coservatively) guess its production date to be between 1952 and 1969 – but as you say, looks like it would belong more to the 60’s.


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