UNIQLO meets Pelikan and Tombow

Thanks to Matthias at Bleistift I got my own set of Uniqlo stationery-themed shirts. I can’t wear them now, since it’s winter here, but I am so looking forward to December when I can dazzle the good people of Montevideo with my eraser T-shirt (e.g. “who is this crazy woman?”).

I didn’t get the Mono 100 pencil shirt. I’m not such a fan of Tombow pencils or the Mono 100 (my heart lies with Mitsubishi), and what’s more, I look terrible in green. I have this theory that no Asian woman looks good in green.

The Pelikan T-shirts are really nicely done, with a great “vintage” look. Four chicks!

And you know you’re in deep when your shirt matches your masking tape…


5 thoughts on “UNIQLO meets Pelikan and Tombow

  1. My heart lies with Mitsubishi as well but the Tombow shirt looks pretty cool! I’ll have to see if US eventually carries these t-shirts, even though I don’t look good in ANY crew tees. Ha!

    And the Almedahls tees! 😍


    1. I know! You must get the Almedahls tees :) In instances like these you realize how powerful the Tombow Mono brand is. It brings back such memories :)


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